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Aircraft Disassembly

Avocet is a leader in aircraft end-of-life services. With hundreds of projects completed over the last decades, we are confident that we hold the necessary knowledge, experience, and resources to handle your assets correctly. We invest in the best aircraft tooling, equipment, and technical data. This allows us to offer accurate, safe, and efficient solutions to our clients.

Our highly trained technicians ensure professional standards are upheld in all of our teardown projects. Services are performed in accordance with manufacturer’s standards and references. At Avocet, we understand that our clients have different, individual needs. With this in mind, we tailor each project to satisfy your specific requirements.

Accountability & Trace:

With each teardown, our clients receive a digitally formatted list of all components removed from the aircraft. Tracing is easily established, as removal records are provided, including all relevant information. Lists include work order number, aircraft data, and component information; making the tracking, loading, and sorting of data accurate and simple for our clients. The data can be provided in a number of different file extensions, simplifying the data integration processes.

Our component removal tag is among the most thorough of its kind in the aviation industry.

Disassembly Capabilities:

  • DC-9 (All Series)
  • DC-10 (All Series)
  • MD-11
  • MD-80 (All Series)
  • A300 B4
  • A310
  • A-319, 320, 321
  • A330-200 Series
  • A-340-300
  • B727-100/200 Series
  • B737 (All Series)
  • B747 -100/200/300
  • B757-200/300 Series
  • B767-200/300 Series
  • B777-200 Series
  • EMB-120
  • Regional (all)