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Community Outreach

At Avocet MRO Services, we believe that success comes with a responsibility to give back to our community. It is our personal duty to positively affect the society in which we live. Avocet has provided platforms for Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting (ARFF) training to local fire departments as well as counter-terrorism training to local and federal agencies.

As technology and new advancements continue to drive the aviation and aviation maintenance industry forward, Avocet dutifully serves the community with initiatives in the areas of training, education and employment. We take pride in preparing the next generation of technicians and aviation maintenance specialists and have a partnership with the Aviation Institute of Maintenance to employ recent graduates and current students.

In terms of corporate social responsibility, Avocet is committed to building a bright and sustainable future for the next generation, and beyond. Keeping an environmentally-friendly mindset is essential to those commitments therefore conservation is a top priority. We set goals to minimize energy consumption and maximize recycling efforts.